For the convenience of the students, the School also provides bus facility. Those interested to avail the bus facility shall register their wards name at the time of admission.

Every registration is for 12 months. The bus charges for a term should be made at the beginning of each semester.

Every possible care shall be taken to ensure the child's safety and security. The school shall make efforts for regular and punctual bus service, save in case of sudden breakdown or unavoidable circumstances. It may be noted that no refund of bus fees shall be made in the event of cancellation of School Transport.

Bus Rules For Students

  • Be on time. Do not keep the bus waiting.
  • Sit properly in the Bus.
  • Do not fight or tease other children.
  • Keep your Bags properly so that they do not come in the way.
  • Do not put any part of your body outside the window.
  • Do not stand near the exit.
  • Do not damage the Bus in any manner. YOU WILL BE FINED Rs. 1000/-
  • You can be debarred from using the bus in case of misconduct or for causing damage to the bus or for not obeying rules.

Bus Routes

Woodward Public School has an excellent transport facility for the faculty, staff & students with flexible and competitive fare. The school buses are operated in different routes.
  1. School to Rajpura Colony Bus No. 1.
  2. School to Kapuripatti, Haripatti,Purani Bazar,Purani Mondh Bus No. 2.
  3. School to Raveli Parsipur,Chauri Bazar,Vedmanpur,Bhakora Bus No. 3.
  4. School to Kurauna,Ugapur,Dattipur,Uchetha Bus No. 4.
  5. School to Rampur,Sihdwan,Pachwal,Dharoura, Bus No. 5.
  6. School to Bankat,Modh,Suriyawan,Alimori,Ramleela Maidan Suriyawan Bus No. 6.
  7. School to Bhartipur, Rampur,Kaseru Puredayalpur Bus No. 7.
  8. School to Aurai Road,Sarroi Bazar Bus No. 8.
  9. School to Azimullah Chauraha,Maryadpatti Bus No. 9.
  10. School to Gyanpur Bus No. 10.
  11. School to Harirampur,Tehsil,Rajpura Colony Bus No. 11.
  12. School to Semuhi Bazar,Sehra,Ashnadhpur,Asti Bus No. 12.
  13. School to Chauri Road Bus No. 13.
  14. School to Alamganj,Duhiyaan Mondh,Kariyaon Bus No. 14.
  15. School to Nai Bazar Bus No. 16.
  16. School to Daropur and Nai Bazar Bus No. 17.
  17. School to Marajganj,Samdha Khas Ugapur,Ghamhapur Bus No. 18.
  18. School to Harirampur,Bhagwanpur Sarroi Bus No. 19.
  19. School to Gopiganj Bus No. 20.