Woodward public school is the educational destination of choice for parents, not only in Bhadohi, but also for the near by area of Bhadohi. This has been so for many years and we are very proud of this. What makes us so special?

Ours is one of the best schools in the Bhadohi and rated no. 1 on the net by indiaonpage.com. Currently we are celebrating the 12th year of our founding. Woodward has successfully blended tradition with modernity. We are very proud of our excellent track record in academics just as we take pride in our wide range of co-curricular activities that we offer our students. We believe that it is equally important to challenge our students intellectually as it is to prepare them physically for the rigours of life.

Life in Woodward Public School begins for our little two and a half year olds and ends when they appear for the School Leaving CBSE examination at the end of Class XII. During this period their lives are touched and shaped by caring and well qualified teachers who are well trained to take up the challenges of modern school education. Indeed, these teachers have a major role to play in the success of the school.

We are a school with strong values. It is my personal belief that we are what we are because the school is a happy place to be for teachers as well as students. The following pages will give you a glimpse of life in Woodward Public School that is disciplined, rigorous, challenging and above all, exciting and happy! We are in the serious business of educating India’s next generation of leaders in business, administration and politics as well as culture.

I hope that the following pages will give you an understanding of why we have been ranked the Most Respected School in Bhadohi

With best wishes,

Mr. Puneet Mehra
Woodward Public School